A rich, dense, dark fruit pudding made from fruit soaked in brandy and Guinness.



As they say, we eat first with our eyes and nose.

Our puddings are carefully crafted with care, using the best ingredients we can find. Open the lid and the wonderful aroma of fruit and brandy hits you first followed by the mystery and warmth of the spices.


Christmas Pudding can be “polarising”… We’ve had hundreds of people try our pudding and even those who state right up front they don’t like Christmas Pudding enjoy ours. For those who don’t like peel—you won’t find any in our Christmas pudding.

Delicious on its own or dressed up with a vanilla or brandy custard. 


“We are always on the hunt for the best artisan products New Zealand has to offer and as far as Christmas puddings are concerned we feel that we have definitely found a winner!”

– Farro Fresh foods



Small (2 serves)


Large (8 serves)